TV and media coverage for the 2017 season

We know that the BBC gave up its rights to cover F1 Grand Prix in 2016.

Channel 4 continues to provide free to air tv coverage in 2017, with some races live.

The live races are :-

Bahrain, Russia, Monaco, Azerbaijan, Britain, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, and Abu Dhabi.

Last year I found the lead presenter Steve Jones of C4 particularly annoying and so I assiduously avoided any of the supporting coverage and just watched the actual racing.
I will be in Sydney for nine of the twenty races and will watch the coverage on local tv. I will do this by recording the program and replaying it some minutes later than the live transmission (time shifting) so that I can skip over the adverts. You could lose the will to live by watching Australian tv adverts.

Maybe tv is no longer the best way to watch and enjoy F1 racing. Changes in social media and relaxations on it's use in F1 could be the way forward. I have already noticed much more content becoming available on YouTube. New car designs and more exciting racing seem to be on the cards and I am looking forward to the new season. It is a shame that we cannot get back to the V10 screamer sound for the engines. For the moment we are lumbered with them sounding like a sewing machine floating around the track on a tea trolley.

  March 2017